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Men’s ~10.35 Cts Unheated Star Ruby in 18k Yellow Gold

$48,495.00 USD $59,900.00 USD

If you are looking for a powerful ring that will turn heads, you’ve found it.

As you probably already know, ruby is the undisputed king of gemstones. In fact, the Sanskrit name given by the ancient Indians is ‘Ratnaraj’ which translates to the king of precious stones. Rubies in particular are the gemstones of power, passion, romance, adventure and excitement.

The asterism found in star rubies adds an almost mystical element and people over the centuries have felt a special connection to these stones. As these gemstones are exclusively cut en cabochon, they are able to retain much of its earthly characteristics.

This particular ring features a gigantic 10.35ct Unheated Star Ruby with vivid saturation and medium tone. The asterism in this stone literally jumps out at you. It’s well centered with long rays. An excellent example of a rare star ruby.

The total weight of this ring is 18.5 grams and is currently a size 9.25. The head of the ring measures 13.3mm x 12.1mm. Please inquire about resizing.