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Women’s Natural ~8ct Cats Eye Tourmaline Ring in 18k White Gold w/ Diamonds

$7,995.00 USD $9,800.00 USD

Swollen knuckles are no problem for this outstanding natural Cats Eye Tourmaline ring. The shank of this ring features an “Adjustable Shank” which eliminates the need to slide the ring on your finger. A simple mechanical release opens the shank. Next you place your finger in the ring and close the secure shank around your finger. The shank can again be released with a paperclip.

Now for the gemstone. Cat’s eye tourmaline is a rare variety of tourmaline that exhibits ‘chatoyancy’, a gemological term that originates from the French ‘oil de chat’ which means eye of the cat. The phenomenon is very rare and occurs in only a handful of gems. The chatoyancy effect is caused by tiny parallel fibers or needle like inclusions within the stone. When hit by direct sunlight, the cats eye effect can be observed.

Since cats eye tourmaline is quite rare, this gem is extremely desirable for gem collectors.

The total weight of this ring is 26.7 grams and is currently a size 10.25. The head of the ring measures 22.5mm x 18.3mm and the height of the ring from the finger is 12.5mm. If you prefer a standard shank, we are able to replace the adjustable shank with your desired ring size.