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Cultured Pearl Unique Ruby, Diamond, and 18K White Gold Ladies Neckpiece

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Ladies Grand Ruby, Diamond, Gold and Cultured Pearl Showpiece that will be a joy to wear. 


This neckpiece is made with an 18k white gold clasp with three rows of diamonds and two safety latches for security, two stabilizing bars of 18k white gold with a row of diamonds on each, two end caps of 18k white gold adorned with diamonds in a floral design that continues to the center medallion also of 18k white gold and diamonds. The centerpiece alone measures 37.5 x 28mm. The  18k white gold and diamonds also embellish the spherical ball with rubies and the top cap of the tassel seven times in a circular pattern. A total of 573 round brilliant cut, SI quality,  diamonds have a total weight of 2.45 carats. The total weight of the rubies is 17.7 carats. Rich blood red color, the rubies are full drilled and mounted with a head pin in each. The rubies are mounted in the ball, top cap of the tassel, and at the end of each dangling cultured pearl tassel strand. One fun aspect of the incredible neckpiece in the spherical ruby and diamond ball and the top cap of the tassel both spin with movement. The 3.4-3.6mm round cultured pearls total 816 pieces and are expertly strung with four strands to go around the neck and nineteen dangling strands on the tassel portion. These cultured pearls are very fine quality and well matched. The opening of this piece is 17 inches plus 4 inches additional length in the center for the medallion and tassel. 


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