Gift Ideas for January Birthdays & Second Anniversaries!

Gift Ideas for January Birthdays & Second Anniversaries!

Known for its ability to attract people and symbolic for protecting health, garnet, is the birthstone for January, as well as the gemstone for second anniversaries. 

The most commonly known color of the garnet gemstone is dark red. But did you know you can also find garnet in green (tsavorite) and orange (spessartite)? Tsavorite and Spessartite garnets are less common because of the special conditions and rock chemistries needed for them to form.

Whether you prefer the well-known red garnet gemstone, or perhaps you want something a bit different, we’ve rounded up some ideas to give to your January birthday girl or to give as the sweetest second anniversary present.

A stunning sign of affection and love, this pendant features a beautiful spessartite garnet of approximately 7.5 carats. The quality and size of this heart shape spessartite are exceptionally rare. The spectacular stone is set in a custom mounting of 14 karat yellow gold and is adorned with approximately 1.0 carats of high quality diamonds. This pendant hangs from a lovely 16-inch adjustable titanium chain.



Add this eye-clean dazzling garnet to a ring setting or a necklace chain to wow that special someone. The spessartite mandarin garnet is 8.68 carats and radiates a one-of-a-kind fanta color.



This jaw-dropping tsavorite garnet weighs 5.50 carats unmounted. Accented by 6 single cut round diamonds, this beautiful stone is an antique cushion, checkerboard-cut, making the incredible dark forest green color stand out.



Make your love known by gifting her a princess cut, eye-clean tsavorite garnet ring this year. The vibrant, dark-green gemstone is surrounded by approximately 1.50 carats of two trillion cut diamonds. The ring is set in 14 karat white gold with a 14 karat yellow gold shank.


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